SODA Paper.

Something clever goes here about SODA.


The cheesesoda token (SODA) is the official token of the cheesesoda network, and it is the low-level governance token for the cheesesoda network DAO. With its high total supply, the cheesesoda token invites any level of investor to participate in the DAO.

The aspects discussed within this document will largely pertain to just the SODA token and the ways in which we will encourage it to gain and hold value as well as the role that it plays within the cheesesoda network and DAO. Additional information regarding the DAO and its projects can be found on the cheesesoda network website,


The primary purpose for the SODA token will be its utilization as the low-level governance token for the entire cheesesoda network tiered-DAO. Holding the SODA token will allow members of the community to suggest and vote on initiatiaves across the entire network of projects controlled by the DAO. Any motion involving finances and major iniatives or direction changes will then receive a final approval by those that hold the SODAO token.

The DAO discussions and voting will be performed on the cheesesoda network Discord server by token holders that have connected their SOL wallets and Discord accounts via the cheesesoda verify website. Upon completion of the web-based DAO platform, the DAO voting will take place there. This will require users to connect their Solana wallets to confirm and stake their SODA balances for a period of time surrounding votes in order to discourage and prevent vote manipulation. Votes will be weighted by the SODA tokens staked.


Rewarding community members for engagement is a great way to encourage a happy and healthy community as well as an engaged and active community. We will encourage this through the usage of our tip bot and community events and promotions that will both use SODA as a reward. Users will be able to receive varying amounts of the token, depending on the event and the number and scope of their contributions to the community and the DAO.

The token will be used across every cheesesoda network project and associated platforms. As a result, the tip bot will be connected to every Discord server on the network, and its usage will be encouraged and rewarded. Pushing the adoption of SODA outside of the cheesesoda network Discord server will be an important aspect of our efforts to increase the visibility and awareness of the token and the DAO.


As previously mentioned, the DAO is building and offering multiple services on the Solana blockchain, namely cheesesoda verify and Black Label DEX. While in the development phase, these services will largely be contained within the cheesesoda network projects. Once beyond the development phase, services in our ecosystem will be offered to other projects on the Solana blockchain. These projects will be charged amounts of SODA to gain access to the ecosystem. By requiring payments in the token, we are able to create a demand for the token, driving market trading volume.

Token Pairing

Over time, Black Label DEX will see a SODA token pair with more tokens that are available on the DEX. This will be intended to allow users to SODA that they've earned through community efforts (and DEX purchases) to trade for popular tokens that we offer on the Black Label DEX.


The cheesesoda token was minted on June 24, 2021 with an total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 SODA. The freeze and mint authority are both disabled for the token.

There was an airdrop that occurred on July 1, 2021, and it dropped around 460,000,000 SODA (0.046% of total supply) to HODLers of the AUSS, SKEM, and SODA tokens.

There are no specific breakdowns for allotments for the cheesesoda token. 100% of the tokens can and will be used for various things at various times. If there is ever a need to be more specific and have a rigid breakdown of the token, that can be added at a later date.

Token Mint Details

Token Name:
cheesesoda token
Token Symbol:
Token Mint:


We have avoided setting any specific roadmap for the SODA token and the cheesesoda network DAO. However, the high-level DAO is constantly evaluating project goals and resource allocation. The first few months have consisted of establishing key personnel, creating the structuring of the multi-tiered DAO, and building the foundation of the cheesesoda ecosystem.

Completed goals:

In-progress goals:

  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • Ape Board listing
  • Rebrand cheesesoda verify as Black Label Connect
  • Building DAO voting system to exist outside of Discord